Creative, humorous, industry-specific gifts that you're sure to get a kick out of!

Hello! My name is Dave White and I'm the creator of The Office Art Guy. Since 2017, I've been helping financial service providers (and other sectors) send humorous and creative gifts to their clients and employees.

Why financial service providers? Because I'm also an Accountant! But I have had a diversity of work experiences, including in human resources, construction, real estate, Spanish translation and interpretation, and more. I've worked for small and mid-size companies, non-profits, and government. Heck, I was even a Peace Corps Volunteer back in the day, in Costa Rica (see photo of me painting a mural below):

affordable gifts to their clients. Take for example a national payroll software company that purchased 1,000 "First Coffee, Then Payroll" art prints that they sent to their clients, in multiple states, with a coffee shop gift card enclosed.

Or the tax firm in Texas that worked with me to create hundreds of custom holiday greeting cards to show their appreciation to their clients!

Or the numerous CPA firms that have bought artwork to decorate their offices, and things like mugs and spiral notebooks to gift to their employees! 

Or, well, I think you get the point.

How can I help your company? Just let me know!

Contact me at dave@davewhiteartist.com

Nowadays, I live in Ashburn, Virginia, with my wife and 3 kids, and spend my time helping customers around the country decorate their offices with humorous art and send creative, memorable and

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