Funny Payroll Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

Posted by Dave White on


Payroll accountants need some love every now and then! Take it from someone (yours truly) who ran payroll for years! If it weren't for the consistent reliability of whoever runs payroll, employees wouldn't consistently receive their bi-weekly (or bi-monthly) paychecks!

How nice it is to see that automatic deposit in your checking account, on time, every time. A payroll specialist has to always be on top of their game in order to get payroll submitted accurately . Otherwise, someone may be on the receiving end of an erroneous cut in pay, or on the other hand, perhaps a surprise bump in pay! 

So go ahead and treat your favorite payroll accountant to a special gift this holiday season to thank them for their work!

Here are just a few payroll gift ideas:


This mug is for payroll accountants that need to get the coffee flowing before getting the payroll flowing! It features an image of a coffee mug next to a hand delivering a paycheck.

Pay, Roll and Jump for Joy Art Print

This funny payroll art is printed on a beautiful, sustainable wood panel! It features artwork of an employee receiving their paycheck, rolling down a hill, then jumping for joy.

What the FICA?! Spiral Notebook

If a payroll accountant were trying to sort out why medicare and social security taxes (aka FICA) owed don't match what was paid, they might exclaim "What the FICA?!" 

This spiral notebook makes for a humorous yet practical gift: