The FIFO Laundry Hamper

Posted by Dave White on

Applying Accounting Solutions to the Real World

When you throw your clothes into your laundry hamper, do you find that it's difficult to ever get to the bottom of the pile, and the clothes there tend to stay there for a while? Perhaps there is a special pair of socks or boxers that you haven't worn for a while, because it's just so hard to do all that laundry and get to the bottom, where they lie waiting for you to find them?

I noticed this the other day, and it occurred to me that it's the result of the last-in, first-out laundry system. Why not a first-in, first-out laundry system to resolve that problem?


The FIFO Laundry Hamper

The FIFO Laundry Hamper Accounting Art Print

Hang this humorous accounting art up in your office for some laughs, or give it as a funny gift to an Accountant!

The original painting can be purchased at the Office Art Guy Etsy store here -

The FIFO Laundry Hamper Original Accounting Office Art