The FIFO Laundry Hamper - Funny Accounting Art Print

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The FIFO Laundry Hamper Art Print

This funny accounting painting print features a 1950's style ad of a laundry hamper called the "FIFO Laundry Hamper", or "First In First Out Laundry Hamper"!

Now, rather than throwing your clothes into a growing pile inside of a laundry hamper and having trouble getting to the first clothes that went in and are now at the bottom, this FIFO laundry hamper allows the clothes to come right out of the bottom so that they get washed first! First In, First Out!

Hang it up in your accounting office for some artistic humor!


Printed on archival, acid-free, 10 mil, bold bright white matte paper that provides amazing detail and color reproduction.

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