Art for a Home Sweet Home Office

In the past few months, many around the world have been introduced to working from home. I love to work from home...I've been doing it since 2016! However, it's not for everyone, and making this transition comes with challenges, especially if you have kids (I have 3 little ones)!

The Positives:

  1. Work in your pajamas if you want!

  2. Food, coffee and drinks on demand

  3. No commute to work!

  4. The pleasure of using your own bathroom!

  5. Possibility of great office design and decor, as compared with typical cubicle format office buildings

  6. More time with family and kids

The Challenges:

  1. If you are a social butterfly, working from home may feel more restricting. So I feel for the extroverts forced to work from home right now!

  2. The work of every occupation cannot be done from home. I could go on a philosophical rant here about the "work from home" and "stay home" ideas being pushed on us, but the idea that everyone can work from home is a complete disconnect from reality and how we all depend on those who go out in the world every day to work. Working from home is mostly for people working on a computer all day.

  3. If you have little kids and also have a job that requires lots of mental focus and concentration, and work from home, well then, then bless your heart. Practice meditation, deep breathing, and peaceful thoughts, and find quiet spaces!

With this new work-from-home reality in mind, I created these art prints for home office decor, with the hopes that the many around the world starting to work from home can make their new work space a "home sweet home office"!

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