First Coffee Then Payroll

The other week, I had to run payroll for one of my clients (I also run a small business providing accounting services for small businesses). But I forgot to do it on time. Oops!

So I had to send paper checks in the mail, since it would have taken the payroll provider several days longer for them to process direct deposits. Problem solved, though not ideal. In 10 years or so of running payrolls, that's only happened to me a handful of times!

You know what I didn't have that day? Coffee.

So yesterday when I ran payroll for them again, I first had my morning coffee (have you ever heard that coffee in the morning is healthy, but in the afternoon is poison?).

First Coffee, Then Payroll. If I forgot to run payroll again, I might have been in Big Trouble (shout out to Counter Culture coffee company and their Big Trouble light roast)!

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