God Bless Donuts and Coffee

On what kinds of special occasions do you eat donuts?

I've thought of three.

1. Thinking back about when I used to work in offices as an employee (pre self-employment, pre #wfhlife), I used to LOVE when someone would bring in a big box of fresh donuts and coffee for everyone!

This was usually for occasions such as a birthday, work anniversary, or during busy times of the year when the staff was overwhelmed with work.

2. Long Sunday mornings. What better than sleeping in on a Sunday and waking up to donuts and hot coffee?

3. Before morning weekend hikes with my kids. Here in Northern Virginia, there is a special little coffee shop called Katie's Coffee House that has EXCELLENT coffee and donuts. We like to stop there to get donuts and coffee before going on nature hikes at a nearby park next to the Potomac River and pretending to be dinosaurs.

What are your special occasions?

God Bless Donuts and Coffee!

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