Kids Juice Box Inspiration for Accounting Juice and Marketing Juice Illustrations

The inspiration for these juice box illustrations actually came from having lots of juice boxes around our house, which were good snacks for our kids, at least back when they were going to their little Spanish immersion school (pre-covid times)!

At least nowadays there are lots of "healthy" juice box options, whereas back in my day, we just drank Kool-Aid all the time!

This Accounting Juice is "the balanced drink for accountants", is "quality assured", "IRS-approved", and "high in vitamins P&L!" The yummy ingredients are Cash Concentrate, Budget Berries, and W2 Water. Also, remember to refrigerate, I mean depreciate, after opening!

This Marketing Juice is "The Preferred Choices of Marketers Everywhere". Just like you target an audience with your marketing, target your thirst with this juice! It contains delicious ingredients like "Sales Berries, Value-Added Water, SEO Extract, Market Strategy Concentrate, Branding Powder and Campaign Syrup"!

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