Payroll Mug Gift for National Payroll Week; Thoughts on Payroll

Behind your bi-weekly or semi-monthly automatic payroll deposits is a team of payroll professionals processing pay runs, coordinating withholdings and benefits, garnishments (yikes!) and federal and state taxes (double yikes! just kidding)! After all of that, your direct deposit arrives in what seems to be a totally calm, automated transaction (most of the time it is, but not always!)

Then, if the payroll accountants are worth their weight in salt, they'll take all of that information and make a correct journal entry in the company's accounting software. Having worked in accounting and payroll for more than 10 years and with a lot of small businesses, I can't tell you how many incorrect payroll entries I've cleaned up!

Thank your dedicated payroll folks with a "Payroll Saves The Day!" custom superhero mug!

Enter a name to go inside the cape to make it personalized for your gift recipient!

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