The other day I was reading a customer review on my Etsy store for the "Home Sweet Home Office" art print that she bought, and I read the acronym "WFH" and at first confused it with "WTF" (not to be confused with "What the FICA")! But, then it clicked and made sense a few seconds later!

Here is the first sentence of the review:

"This is just perfect as many of us transition to a whole new world of WFH."

I read this and thought "a whole new world of WTF?" I suppose that would also make sense though!

It is true, we are in a whole new world of WFH. For some, this is just awesome. For others, not so much. For most, it's probably mixed.

I've seen the looks of stressed-out people on our street where we live who were suddenly with their kids all day, in addition to having to work their regular jobs, but now from home, perhaps without any dedicated office space. But I've also heard so many comments, like many of you probably have, of the blessing of being able to spend more time with one's family. For single people that are now working from home, or couples without kids, it's probably nice not to have to commute, but on the other hand, many people also love the social interaction with others at the office.

Then there are those thousands and thousands of people, who by the nature of their job, cannot work from home. The garbage collectors, the warehouse workers, grocery store employees, and many others, like train conductors and engineers, which my Dad did for more than 30 years.

Personally, I've been working from home for 5 years now, with home-schooled kids, so I've sort of built up an endurance. I LOVE to work from home, but it still has its daily little challenges!

I wonder how long #WFH will last for those that had to make the change this year? Will it become more commonplace now? We shall see!

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