What Future Will You Claim Today?

Lately I've been hearing people saying things about inevitable happenings, such as "when society inevitably reopens", or "when things inevitably return to normal", or, "when our kids inevitably go back to school".

Then, I heard one of my favorite authors and speakers, Charles Eisenstein, comment on this idea in a recent podcast that he was a guest on. He said that he doesn't think it is inevitable that things will happen as we think they will, but rather, we have to claim the future that we want. That really resonated with me.

Do we want to be able to go to weddings and funerals again? We have to claim that. Do we want our kids to play freely with other kids? We have to claim that. Do we want to freely hug and give handshakes, and go to concerts and festivals? We have to claim it. Do you want to start a business that utilizes your unique talents and passions? You have to claim it.

What future will you claim today?

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